Meditation in Blue (SOLD)
Crystallisation (SOLD)
By Jove!
Breath of Life (SOLD)
The Initiate (SOLD)
Sophia (SOLD)
Warp and Weft (in progress) (SOLD)
Saturn (SOLD)
In the Beginning (SOLD)
Malachite Medley
Voice from the Dust
Revelation and Echoes
Corners of the Year: Spring Equinox
Corners of the Year: Winter Solstice
Corners of the Year: Autumn Equinox
Corners of the Year: Summer Solstice
Music of Creation (SOLD)
Summer Hexagon
Parable of the Seed (SOLD)
Late Bloomer
Dance of Venus (SOLD)
Cosmati (SOLD)
Morning Light (SOLD)
Prayer Circles
Morning Mist (SOLD)
Morning Star (SOLD)
Prayer Circle (SOLD)
Mediation and Atonement (SOLD)
Desire of my Heart (SOLD)
Dawn Chorus (SOLD)
Untitled (SOLD)
Pharaoh's Necklace (SOLD)
Nauvoo Star (SOLD)
Autumn Morning (SOLD)
Spring Morning (SOLD)
Summer Morning (SOLD)
Winter Morning (SOLD)
Blue Cairo Variation (SOLD)
Rose Garden (SOLD)
Seat of Wisdom (SOLD)
Wedding Gift (SOLD)
Oasis (SOLD)
Pomegranate (SOLD)
Sun-dappled Garden (SOLD)
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