I studied painting and received my MA in Art History at Brigham Young University. I moved to London in 2001 where it was my privilege to study on the VITA Programme under Professors Keith Critchlow and Paul Marchant. 

I completed my doctoral studies at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts in 2007, specializing in the principles of geometric design in Islamic and Western traditions. My first book Curves: Flowers, Foliates and Flourishes in the Formal Decorative Arts was published in November 2013 and reviewed in the New York Times. In 2016 I presented a TEDx talk on geometry and education at Brigham Young University.

I am now Outreach Programme Manager for the Prince's School, designing and conducting educational workshops internationally in places like Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan, Malaysia, and China.

In my paintings, I investigate the beauty found in the conversation between order and the unexpected, chaos and cosmos. Both the patterns and the raw materials of my paintings are informed by my travels and research with the Prince’s School.