Curves: Flowers, Foliates & Flourishes in the formal decorative arts

Curves enhance our enjoyment of the visual arts, bringing life into otherwise dull compositions. Stylized plant forms have been used as a key component of decorative ornament for thousands of years. In this beautiful little book, using both rare antique engravings and original graphics, Dr. Lisa DeLong introduces us to many of the secret techniques long used to employ curves in the traditional arts. From arabesques to wallpaper designs, iron railings to penned flourishes, tiles to arches, this book will be an essential companion to any designer. 


Curves: Flowers, Foliates & Flourishes in the formal decorative arts

Published in the UK by Wooden Books, by Bloomsbury Books in the US.



“A Slim Book Packed With Stunning Black-And-White Illustrations, It’s Flush With Harmony And Rhythm. In Fact, There Is An Extremely Harmonic Aesthetic Behind The Vintage, Intricate Patterns On Textiles, Furniture And Architecture. … It Is Music To The Eye.”

New York Times Book Review, March 28, 2014.



Curves is included in a compendium of richly-illustrated design resources. Published by Wooden Books. Read a review here.